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Oral hygiene doesn’t get easier than this: the Hydrosonic Pro helps keep teeth healthy and prevents decay. It’s also designed with special treatment in mind, making it ideal for use on braces and implants, for daily care right up to the edges of the gums, and for therapy and prevention of inflamed gums and periodontal tissue.

The gentle effect of this sonic toothbrush nevertheless delivers in-depth hydrodynamic cleaning precisely where it matters most: along the gum line, in hidden niches and between the teeth. 


198,00 €

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The problem: braces and implants make oral hygiene much more difficult and can lead to tooth decay or inflammation. And it’s virtually impossible for a manual toothbrush to get into all the niches between the teeth and braces, implants, bridges and other inserts and clean these areas properly.

The solution: the CURACURVE® bend enables the Hydrosonic Pro brush heads to reach these critical areas of the mouth with ease.

What’s more, the CUREN® bristles are designed to provide the best possible performance, with the ultrasound technology in the Hydrosonic Pro cleaning on two levels: mechanically and hydrodynamically. It couldn’t be easier to handle, either.